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    seeing white

    It’s timmmmme!! We are finally painting the kitchen and I couldn’t be more excited. Yesterday we got started on removing all the cabinets and hardware. Zoe has been teething big time so naps have been pretty non existent, luckily the husband took care of this task. Having done this a lot he was very thorough…

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    oh what!!!

    Our living room is over on Caitlin Wilson Design today!! I feel very honored to be up on her blog, I’m so obsessed with her design and style and absolutely love her fabric line. check it out peeps!

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    the nook

    So now that I’ve finished the living room (for now at least) I wanted to start tackling our breakfast nook. It had been previously taken over by the dogs but now that Zoe is eating solids we have really started to use the area again. You can’t really tell from the photo but the table…

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    starting fresh

    I’m finally sitting down to blog, boy have I been busy! This little munch keeps me on my toes, especially with her 45 minute naps! During that time I try to cram in a shower and some food, so hopefully you understand why the blog has been so quiet. For the last month I’ve been…

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    bitter sweet

    Well we said so long to the gallery wall in the living room. It was bitter sweet to see it go because it was something I really loved in the space. But the Ikea frames were sagging quite a bit so they had to go, plus they would have gone once Zoe started getting around.…

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    The Baby Shower

    Hi All! July 1st was my baby shower, and I wanted to share with you the pretty photos that were taken by the lovely Michele Beckwith I absolutely loved how everything turned out and I definitely couldn’t have done it without my sister in law and besties! My gorgeous besties! My beautiful sister in law…

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    what is yellow and tufted

    my new ottoman of course. picked up this tufted ottoman at Target out of all places, I had been looking for an ottoman to double as a coffee table after I found out I was preggers, so the new little babe wouldn’t have to deal with sharp corners. I pretty much love it, just hard…

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    zebra love

    I’m not one to be all over animal prints. Not sure why, just have never been drawn to them. But when I saw these amazing throw pillows at Zgallerie, I just had to have them. Unfortunately they only came in a 24” and I needed them smaller, so I went off on a web search…

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    white antlers

    Well, Christmas is right around the corner and to keep us all in the spirit I hung some frosty antlers up…I hope Santa will be proud. You remember the ones I got from the antique faire. I spray painted them a glossy white and mounted them onto a wood plaque that I found on eBay.…