New Living Room Layout


So to give you a better idea I decided to take some pictures of our living room.

It’s very small, I think it’s like 12 x 14 TINY!

It’s also a pain to layout because it has three doorways and one huge window. BUT! I think I’ve found a good layout and my husband likes it too, so that’s a major plus.

First things first! I’m thinking it’s time to mount the flat screen. Yikes! I’m so nervous! I’m a notorious furniture mover and I like having the freedom to move the sofa across the room if I feel like it. But I think it’s time, bottom line flat screens just look better mounted.

So my idea is to remove the shelves and mount it in the middle of that wall. Eventually I’ll add a mirrored console table and two small ottomans underneath for additional seating. What do you think?

This is the view when you walk in from the front door. How cute is that fatty!?

I have a  lot of ideas for that wall like possibly leaning a huge decorative mirror or adding ledges to display art or some leaning bookcases. I’m not sure yet, but this is what I’m liking:


This is the opposite wall where the front door and huge window are. My ideas here are possibly adding a side table and floor lamp and keeping one chair, so it’s more of sitting area/put your shoes on/read a book/entry way.

This is a the view from inside the kitchen. For above the sofa I’m thinking either a gallery wall or hanging my sunburst mirror. Another thought I had was finding a large console table off craigslist and putting it behind the sofa this way I could flank the sunburst mirror with a couple of teal lamps.

Something like this

If only my room was this bad ass. (notice the same rug I just ordered)

0r we go with a gallery wall like this, and display some of our favorite black & white photographs.

via Young House Love

Anyway there it is, our small but charming living room. I would love any feedback for this room, so spill it!

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2 Responses to “New Living Room Layout”

  1. Summer Saldana March 29, 2011 at 12:09 PM #

    I love it all?!?

    See this is my problem. Making decisions….

    Maybe I’ll stare at your living room and come up with something and you can stare at my bedroom and fix that. =)


    • Lizzie Stewart March 29, 2011 at 3:49 PM #

      Yes! I have the same problem! Plus I realized I like so many different styles that picking just one for my tiny place is soooo hard! Yeeeks!

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