Throw Pillow options


I have such a hard time with throw pillows. I have a huge love/obsession with them that I tend to collect too many and they end up not going well together.

So this time I’m planning it out!

I’ve been really drawn to bright colors right now and I wanted to find a bright colorful pillow to play off of.

I know a lot of designers and homeowners are obessesed with the Chiang Mai print but I just don’t know about it for my house.

Even though I love looking at it in other homes.

So off I went on my Etsy search to find a similar style with a smaller price point.





None them are really screaming out to me! I think the 3rd one is pretty cute.

Here are some other pillows I’m obsessed with:




West Elm


BTW I updated my nightstands for super cheap and they came out great! I’ll post about them soon.


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2 Responses to “Throw Pillow options”

  1. Kristy Swain March 8, 2011 at 4:40 PM #

    I like the large scale trellis and large chevron. I just ordered an awesome set of navy and white large scale chevron pillows. Can’t wait to get them. I like the brighter colors these days too, but I’m with you, none of the more colorful ones are screaming to me.



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